Connecticut Leaders Host Women-Owned Business Day – NBC Connecticut

State leaders and lawmakers are working together to continue making our state a place for women in business. 

State data shows Connecticut’s women-owned businesses have grown by 56% in the last two decades. Together, these businesses contribute more than $16 billion each year to the state’s economy.

“We know that women sometimes want to take hobby and turn that into a business, and one of their first steps should be to reach out the SBA,” said Katherine Marx, district director of the Small Business Administration.

Marx says there are many free resources available to women looking to launch a new business.

“The SBA can offer funding, the SBA can offer assistance in how to run a successful business, and make those connections with the state,” said Marx.

Co-owner Amy Kenkel found success opening ‘Leaps and Bones,’ a bakery specifically for pets.

“We do everything from cannoli’s to…

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