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ExploreBlack-owned businesses benefit community, but face obstacles

“I’m still affected by that,” Dejene said. “But luckily I’ve been able to find other ways to stay open and create brand awareness.”

Dejene is also active in the community, partnering to hold Trotwood’s Juneteenth event, as well as supporting local youth sports teams. Dejene has also started hosting comedy shows and open mic nights on Thursdays. He is working on the Nimbus Comic Café becoming a comedy lounge after hours.

Dejene is a product of Trotwood, and it’s his faith in the community and the people of Trotwood that has kept him and his business in the area.

“I plan on staying here for several decades. I don’t plan on leaving,” Dejene said. “I’m proud to have my own corner of Trotwood.”

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