Changing politics, increased travel and the ailing global economy

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, surging inflation and the end of the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic all dramatically shaped 2022. But what might the next year bring?

The war in Ukraine dealt a heavy blow to global stability, the shockwaves of which affected energy prices, inflation, food security and changed the dynamics of international politics.

All the while, people struggled with rising costs of living and another recession is said to be on the way next year. Businesses are being advised to prepare for prolonged disruption and volatility.

Even billionaires, who typically escape unscathed, are expected to see a drop in their net worth over the next 12 months.

Here, The National looks at some of the major events of 2022 that will have lasting effects in 2023.

Changes in global affairs, war and nuclear threat

The consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continue to reverberate around the world, causing…

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