Business model innovation accelerates circularity

This article is an excerpt from GreenBiz Group’s 16th annual State of Green Business, which explores sustainable business trends to watch in 2023. Download the report here.

Supply chain shortages, a hunger for critical minerals and a planet stretched to its breaking point. These macro trends have kneecapped whole industries over the past few years. That’s leading companies to rethink how we make, sell and interact with products.

Enter the vast opportunity of business models that can decouple growth from extraction.

Some of these models have been profitable for decades. Examples of remanufacturing in practice are Davies Office (furniture), John Deere (farm equipment) and Caterpillar (construction equipment). Others, such as clothing resale, have been a small part of their sector for ages (such as thrift shops), but are growing quickly through both independent platforms and directly through brands….

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