Business In Need Of A ‘Declutter’? Nine Steps To Get You Started

There can come a time for many established businesses when processes become overwhelming, projects start running off track and tech stacks can get too complicated to function cohesively. All of these signs point to a need for simplification—a “decluttering” of the business and its systems. Taking the time to review what’s no longer necessary, keeping only what adds value to the business, is essential if you want to streamline your processes—but where should you begin?

Below, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council offer a few suggestions about where you can start as well as what you might want to get rid of or reconsider this year and beyond.

Members pictured from left to right.

Photos courtesy of the individual members.
1. Take An In-Depth Look At Your Expenses

An in-depth look at your profit and loss statement is often a great place to start. Carve out time to review expenses incurred…

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