Business booming for Denver shops, restaurants ahead of Avs and Nuggets playoffs

DENVER — Colorado sports fans are some of the best and most loyal fans in the country.

Their support for the Nuggets and Avalanche ahead of playoffs is helping boost sales for local shops and businesses all across the area.

Denver7 spoke with employees at Sportsfan at 16th Street Mall in Denver who say they saw an increase in customers Sunday.

“It’s a very united fan base,” said sales associate, Matthew McNamara. “They just really really love their team.”

Those businesses are still working to bounce back after the pandemic and now they’re in the middle of a big construction project.

“If it’s dusty around, people don’t want to walk around in that it’s loud, too. So sometimes when we’re talking with customers, and they’re out there with their construction stuff, you know, it gets loud. It also just impedes the whole walkway that we have going there,” he added.

But he says the playoffs are already helping out…

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