AI For Business Leaders, Especially Skeptics

Using data in business


Everyone’s talking about it, or feeling ill at ease for knowing nothing about it. Artificial Intelligence, AI, is big, growing fast, and will revolutionize business—but in ways we may not understand now. There are some key points that business leaders should understand today in order to prepare for tomorrow’s use of AI.

AI is a tool.

A woodworker probably uses a table saw. It can speed up work, it can increase accuracy, but it can also mangle perfectly good wood while cutting off a thumb. Some learning is needed by anyone using a tool in order to use it safely and productively.

Those using AI today should avail themselves of what others have learned already, through trying it, reading, discussions and the seminars that are popping up. Business leaders should understand that their employees will become more productive from this technology, but it requires some upfront…

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