Accelerating small businesses: Ellicottville Greens, TimberHut and Dalorum in 2022 LBA cohort | News

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Now in its second iteration, the Laine Business Accelerator recently awarded $5,000 to each of nine Olean region businesses. Profiles of three of those businesses are included today.)

Businesses often face misconceptions when introducing their products to the buying public. Such was the challenge facing Gabe Bialkowski when he began touting Ellicottville Greens, a purveyor of indoor- and locally grown greens and herbs.

“Typically, when you mention indoor gardening, two thoughts often come to mind: it’s more expensive and it doesn’t taste as good,” Bialkowski said. “Well, neither is true. First, our goal is to grow our products locally, such that the produce is coming directly and not shipped across the country — or from another country.

“And we…

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