A Kapolei woman turned her pandemic hobby into a small business and a homage to her Hawaiian roots

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Keala Souza created her small business, Hawaii Bread Co., out of her Kapolei home during lockdown and looked to her own Hawaiian culture for inspiration.

Souza has a background as a hula dancer, but before baking, she worked as a flight attendant for Hawaiian airlines for 9.5 years. During the time she traveled the world, she found a love for classic Parisian baked goods, but she noticed an opportunity to bridge a gap between traditional French baking and her Hawaiian culture.

“When you think of a bakery, you think French, European, and I really wanted to show that Hawaiians can hold space, Hawaiian flavors, Hawaiian textures, can really hold space in a place where you wouldn’t normally see or think of Hawaii.”

Her baking journey began as a means of keeping her family healthy and sustainable during the pandemic. “It was something born out of a bad time for all of us,”…

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