A conversation with S Justin Simmons

Thanks to Children’s Hospital Colorado and the Denver Broncos I was able to visit UCHealth Training Center in October of 2022. It was a great experience to see how the Broncos work out and how amazing their facility is. After touring the facility and watching a little bit of the practice I had the opportunity to speak with Justin Simmons. Simmons, a safety for the Broncos, was great to talk to and very down to earth. Below is my conversation with him.

Jack: So, what got you into football, originally?

Justin Simmons: “Good question. My dad got me into football originally. He played college ball and floated around the NFL and practice squads for a little bit. So I’m the first son and the oldest of three of us and being the firstborn, you know, he was like, ‘You have no choice. You’re playing football.’ So he kind of threw me into the fire but then I ended up loving it.”

Jack: And so, what was the first…

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