5 Of The Best Things Business Development Professionals Can Do To Stand Out In 2023

Kane Carpenter is the Employer Branding and Growth Strategies Practice Lead at Daggerfinn, a boutique strategy consulting firm.


Standing out from the pack can be challenging in today’s rapidly changing business environment. With macroeconomic conditions causing havoc on business decision making and companies finding it challenging to navigate the current business landscape, it’s more important than ever to put the building blocks in place to ensure that you stand out and can withstand a possible downturn.

But don’t stress—if you’re a business development professional looking to make a big impact in 2023, these five strategies will have you on top.

1. Get comfortable with change and ambiguity—the business world is constantly changing.

The tight labor market and the business world’s highly competitive landscape mean that change and ambiguity are commonplace. To thrive, it’s…

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