2023 Tesla Model S and X Add Pretty but Pricey $3000 Red Paint

The 2023 Tesla Model S and Model X add a $3000 Ultra Red paint option, which replaces the previous $2K red paint. Both Teslas also add a newly designed glass roof that’s said to weigh less and let in more light, albeit with the same UV protection.Plaid models add new brake pads that have a higher thermal capacity than before—they’re also still without the carbon-ceramic kit Tesla promised.

For folks who want the prettiest red paint on their 2023 Tesla Model S or Model X, they’ll have to shell out $3000. That’s the price of the new Ultra Red paint option that Tesla offers on its two largest models.

The new red paint replaces the $2000 Red Multi-Coat option that’s still available on the Model 3 and the Model Y. The higher-priced color on the Model S and X arrives just days after Tesla marked down each by about $5000 and $10K, respectively. However, Tesla gives both of them minor updates too.

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