2 Nasdaq Stocks I’m Buying Till I’m Blue in the Face

It’s been a rough year or so for tech stocks.

Rising interest rates, the threat of a recession, and fading demand for tech products and services after a boom during the pandemic has pushed the Nasdaq into a bear market that’s now lasted nearly a year and a half.

Despite its recent rally, the Nasdaq is still down 25% from its peak in November 2022. However, not every stock is struggling. Keep reading to see two hot growth stocks that are rallying and have more room to run.

Image source: Getty Images.

1. Perion Network

Perion Network (NASDAQ: PERI) is a small-cap adtech stock that has been an under-the-radar winner since the pandemic started. In fact, Perion was the only adtech stock to post gains in 2022, and the…

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